“The timing and the person involved does not create a level playing field,” he said, adding, “it is not good enough for our democracy.”

While she believes Freddie Blay is “not a man of straw” she was quick to add that “procuring these buses at the last hour raises a lot questions.

“Any kind of procurement around this time erodes the competitiveness,” he said.

She was worried that political parties form governments and if such practices are encouraged at the party level it will trickle down into national elections.

By purchasing these vehicles at the time he did, Linda Ofori Kwafo said Freddy Blay is monetizing democracy which now becomes “moneycracy.”

But the party appears to be playing down the impact of the scandal.

Evans Nimako said the purchases will not in any way influence the decision of the voters.

He said persons ready to vote on Saturday are “foundation members” who will not be swayed by the decision to purchase 275 buses.