Central Province Police Chief Warns UPND Cadres

Central Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase, has appealed to political parties in the province to seriously heed to police advice on security matters.

Mr Njase says the police believe in engagement of stakeholders but will not allow people whose intention is bent on bringing confusion in the province and entire country.

Commissioner Njase says the police is neutral and does not side with any individual or political party adding that its time Zambians started respecting their institutions.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe today, Mr Njase said article 193 (2) of the Zambian constitution is clear on the role of the police in ensuring peace and crime prevention.

Commissioner Njase said the disturbance that ensued between police officers and the United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres during the 2018 Youth Day Celebrations in Kabwe was unwarranted.

Confusion is reported to have ensued in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kabwe on Monday after UPND cadres insisted to match when police had advised otherwise.

He said prior to the youth annual event, police in Kabwe met all political parties including the ruling Patriotic Front and advised that the celebration will proceed without matching.

Mr Njase observed that other political parties complied apart from the UPND and wondered why the former decided to go against the police counsel.

He emphasized that civil and political rights of individuals and political parties should not in any way disadvantage others.

The Police Chief urged political leaders in the province to realize that violence will not help to foster the development of country.


Source LT Zambia

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