PAN-Liberia Calls on President George Weah to Halt Wrongful Dismissals

Monrovia – The People Action Network-Liberia has expressed dismay over the wrongful dismissal of some civil servant employees by some presidential appointees in the Weah-led administration.

PAN-Liberia in a release said the wrongful dismissal of workers by appointees of President Weah contravenes the many Supreme Court opinions on the decency of labor and respect for contractual relations.

“Most presidential appointees of the current administration have taken unto themselves the authority to put down hundreds of Liberians who have served their country with honesty and distinction for many years,” the release said.

The release adds, “This action runs contrary to Legislative Status protecting workers and contravenes the many Supreme Court opinions on the decency of labor and respect for contractual relations.”

The group said the act is unfair and unacceptable and called on President Weah to reverse the decision of his appointees in the interest of fairness and respect for the sacrifices rendered by the employees to their country.

“If for any reason the government is no longer interested in their services, they should be justly compensated. Long serving civil servants should be retire in accordance with the civil Service Agency Act,” the release said.

PAN also believes that the justification given by some appointees that employees of the Civil Servant Agency are not accounted for is weak and without legal backing and called on the president Weah to immediate intervene in the matter.

“PAN would like to encourage all those affected to await the intervention of the president.”

“All plans to file a class action on behalf of the aggrieved employees in a court of competent jurisdiction are temporarily suspended,” the release adds.


Source FPA

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